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This meme is so old it is encased in Amber like in jurassic park

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when [Jon] raised his arm, the pain made him grit his teeth. “Let me,” a voice said. Thick-fingered hands unfastened helm from gorget and lifted it off gently. “Did he hurt you?” //this is when they’ve known each other for like ten minutes!! GOD!!!

god theyre just immediately……… into each other. like jon threatens a guy’s life for sam that same day. and like after the training yard incident jon wanders off and can’t stop thinking about sam like that’s like literally… he’s like “his thoughts kept returning to samwell tarly” or something like that. he’s just wandering aroundt hinking about him and being like “sam’s kinda really brave” 

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paesour replied to your post “talk to me about samjon. modern au or canon au. high school au o…”

uhm that last one wth. like. jon saving puppies parallel w finding wolves and needing help with his runt and going to the shelter and sam! being all lifesaving angel bc no jon snow that is not what you feed puppies omG also ygritte working there too

yes…. yes perfect

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when u ask a question and your punk ass followers like the post and dont respond


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dont jsut like that post you punks

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talk to me about samjon. modern au or canon au. high school au o rlibrarian au or bookstore au or college au or tabletop rpg au or long distance boyfriends au or sam-works-in-animal-rescue-and-jons-a-fireman au please talk to me about shipping im desperate 


Girlfriend’s mice tangle their tails when cuddling

Game of Thrones actors being adorable || Alfie Allen [1/∞]
"People did say, ‘It’s so hard to watch,’ and as an actor that’s something you want to hear. I find that a compliment."