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and here, in red robin #2, we have timmy shooting a gun and talking about how weird bruce is:

but the important thing is guns.

also, i still don’t understand why lucius sent tam to find tim?????? i don’t….??? WHY TAM, of all people, and why….why??? why. like, i had this question the last time i attempted a read through, and i couldn’t figure it out, and i still can’t figure it out, and it’s a pretty fuckin important question for this story

also like everyone trying to get in contact with tim and failing, like……something bothers me about that and i can’t put my finger on it. 

this is right before he accepts help from ra’s. i still don’t know what that was about. comics don’t make any sense. god help anyone who tries to read them for the plot. 

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  1. likewaxspilling said: "comics don’t make any sense" that pretty well sums it up :/ Also, I assume usually whenever you’re like "Wtf why is this happening" the answer is "RULE OF COOL," or perhaps "because I wanted it to/because FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY"
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