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jason tried to pick a fight with dick over who got to use the cup with the yellow and blue flowers on it—dick wanted it bc it matched his outfit and jason wanted it bc dick wanted it—and then maleficent was like “the only way to solve this is a fight to the death” and then dick remembered he’s like 20 and he gave the cup to jason and jason was intolerably smug for the rest of tea time 

we put honey in the cream thingy because “cream in your tea is for weenies” —jason (“hey!” —dick, who takes his cream and sugar with a splash of tea) 

jason was also annoyed that there weren’t any cookies to go with the tea and dick gave him a noogie bc don’t you have any manners jason and maleficent was like no no, the only way to go is insulting your host when they have insulted you by not providing cookies and i was like, i made you tea, what more do you fuckers want from me, do i look like betty fuckin crocker to you 

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  1. likewaxspilling said: "do i look like betty fuckin crocker to you" = PERFECTION. also your face. and clothes. and expressions. but that is basically your face.
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