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places where band au fenris could meet band au hawke:

  • grocery store at 2 am 
  • emergency room waiting room
  • at the park where hawke is walking Dog (dog tries to lick fenris’s face)
  • or perhaps fenris is a veterinary assistant????????  
  • at a music store where hawke spent like a hour tryna decide what pics he wanted and possibly asked fenris for his opinion (fenris was probably there to buy violin strings or some shit)
  • hawke saw fenris carrying a heavy/cumbersome package and was lke CAN I HELP YOU WITH THAT YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE HAVING BEAUTIFUL I MEAN TROUBLE
  • on the bus???? or at the bus stop???? 
  • ???????????????????????????????????????
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  1. autumnyte said: *flails* I love all of these but somehow Fenris as a veterinary assistant just made my heart do a little fluttery thing in my chest. The thought of Fenris being a classical musician buying violin strings is also making me all verklempt!!
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